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Our organizations mission is

“Providing aquariums to those in need of

fish tank therapy.”


Aquarium therapy has been researched and found to have beneficial results such as lowering anxiety, providing stimulation to the mind and reducing stress. Purchasing an aquarium and stock can be expensive and stressful to anyone new to the hobby. So, we provide all the aquarium startup along with our community support will be there to help educate and guide the new aquarist.


FishTankTherapy.com How Fish Tanks Help To Provide Stress and Depression Relief.jpg

Creators Jason and Robin both realized the benefits of aquarium therapy after both suffering from debilitating injuries a few years apart. Suffering from bouts of depression, stress and overall frustrations at life’s situation, they were able to find solace and comfort in the beauty, humour, and joy that the aquariums brought forth during a time of otherwise despair.

They wanted to share their experience and was pleasantly surprised to see the research in agreement that had already been done decades before. That’s when they decided to create Fish Tank Therapy. An organization that provides aquariums to those in need of aquatic therapy who would otherwise be unable to begin.

We look forward to sharing with you all of the information that we have found through either trial, error, great advice that was given to us or great advice that we have found. We will never know everything, if you have any advice for us, please leave it in the comment section below, we love to hear from you!

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