YouTube Recommendations

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We learned that we could expand our fish knowledge quickly and for free by utilizing the great resource of YouTube. You can never have too much information! There is always new information to be found no matter what your level of fish keeping expertise.

We have found the following recommendations to be fun, honest, and reliable with information. These YouTubers are our inspiration to get more people into the aquarium keeping hobby. Each YouTuber has their own niche and they all cover different topics regarding aquariums to a varying degree. We have discovered many new species and learned so much by just watching a video that we happened across.

At times it seems all of these channels collaborate to some degree.  But, here is why we love them individually!

10. Steenfott Aquatics

Steenfott Aquatics is dedicated to all varieties of tropical fish. African cichlids, Rainbowfish, Apistogramma, Plecos, Guppies, Shrimp, and more! He has a really neat puffer that he features quite often. His breeding fish for profit series is very helpful. You can find him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

9. Aqua Pros

Great source of basic information. He does such a good job talking to the average new beginner. He covers plants, the nitrate cycle, fish, water requirements. This is a great channel to start with if you are new to the hobby. He also has info for the amateur and pro fish keepers too though, so please give him a try.  You can find him on Facebook and Instagram.

8. Flip Aquatics – LupDiesel

The main focus is freshwater shrimps and has been a great source of information. We have recently added cherry shrimp to our collection and it has been wonderful to have a credible source of information to look into. The shrimps are such a great addition to the community tanks, it is such fun to watch their community and population growth. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram.

7. Jimmy of Aquarium Coop

This channel while as new, is quickly becoming a favorite. We enjoy the banter back and forth between Jimmy and Cory. There is always new content coming out that includes unboxings, tank talks along with species-specific videos and product reviews.

6. Pecktec

Pecktec has such fun creative ideas with his tanks! He discusses his outdoor mini pond, new plants, and new aquatic merchandise that’s on the market. He also does product reviews and box openings. He has a very creative, contest winning steampunk inspired aquarium. Many of his tanks are a great inspiration on how to set up a traditional aquarium. He covers Steampunk Events too!

It’s very interesting because he’s a local YouTuber and we have personally met him and we have been on his show! That was so much fun! He is one of our favorite YouTubers! He’s actually the first aquarium based YouTube channel that we came across when we realized that we could look up aquarium content on YouTube. You can find him on FacebookGoogle + and Twitter.

5. Solid Gold

Solid Gold Aquatics is where Jennifer tells you everything you ever needed or wanted to know and some things you didn’t even consider about goldfish. It’s been an interesting education about the life of goldfish which I knew so little about. She will tell you everything you’re going to need to know to keep your goldfish happy and healthy. You can find her on FacebookInstagramTwitter.  

4. Dustin’s Fish Tanks

What are unique creative individual Dustin is! He’s fully embraced being an entrepreneur and does a wonderful job branding his channel with his fun persona. His channel is full of wonderful information to learn from. He covers topics such as planted aquariums, dirted tanks, product unboxing and lighting videos. He always posts a Sunday video and goes live quite often. You can also find him on FacebookGoogle+Instagram and his website here.

3.  King of Diy

The King of DIY initially started out as a DIY aquarium YouTube Channel. It’s been quite a few years though at this point and he’s covered just about everything that can be made for an aquarium. Of course, you can always go back and watch all of those wonderful videos. These days though, he’s kind of shifted gears from creation into education.  In the last year with supporters help he has built an aquarium gallery where he will be featuring certain tanks and be discussing and educating on those ecosystems. It has been fun to watch him put the gallery together. We look forward to seeing what he does in the future. Joey at the King of DIY also happens to have a fun active Facebook group. He’s also on Instagram!

2. Rachel O’Leary

Rachel O’Leary is a wonderful source of information. She has different things that she discusses from driftwood to aquascaping. Specializing in nano species, she runs a retail business at and has also written about the aquarium hobby. She is a co-author of 101 Best Freshwater Nano Species and has written for multiple magazines. She is such an incredibly great wealth of information regarding nano freshwater fish. She is also on FacebookInstagram, Twitter.

1. Aquarium Co-Op

Corey at the Aquarium Co-Op makes everything understandable to the average hobbyist. You can begin with this series in the very beginning or start today, he is always discussing relevant information to all types of fish keepers.  We have watched hundreds of hours of his channel. Aquarium Co-Op post on a consistent basis and often has live streams.

Just in case you’re wanting to easily subscribe to the entire list, here is everyone’s link including ours! Aquarium Co-Op, Rachel O’Leary, The King of DIY, Dustin’s Fish Tanks, Solid Gold Aquatics,  Pecktec,   Jimmy of Aquarium Co-Op, Flip Aquatics – LupDieselAquaPros, Steenfott Aquatics, Fish Tank Therapy!   If you have a favorite channel that is not on our list, please leave the info in the comments below, we would love to check it out! Also, we realize this list is very freshwater oriented. We will be posting a Saltwater List soon, please check back for that in the future!