Real Fish Tank Therapy Stories

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We are thrilled at the overwhelming response we have received in starting Fish Tank Therapy. The reaction is more than we could have ever hoped for!
After we have both suffered from debilitating injuries, we had to learn how to live our “new lives”. The pain while unbearable many days, has quickly become the least of our problems. Boredom, depression, anxiety, loneliness, and lack of self-esteem quickly took over.
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We Need Your Story!
That’s when we started watching Pecktec on YouTube. He made a bigger impact than he is aware of. Watching his channel got us back into our aquariums that we had but had put on the back burner during this hard time. He brought us inspiration when we needed it.
Now we have to live within our new limits. We are unable to do much of that which we were able to before. Now lifting tanks requires help from friends. Moving a rock requires thought, planning, and imagination as this can only be done once, it’s going to physically hurt to make this happen.
Now, we plan and research for the next fish. Anticipation fills the trips to the Dr’s, not because we’re going to spend hours in a sterile room, but because when we are done, on a good day, we get to go to the fish store. Just for a brief moment, we can forget our trouble and seek out a new addition to the aquarium.


But we also now have friends to talk to about our fish. We have a community of friends from all over the world that ask not only about our tanks but about us. We realized that we need to share this community. We need to let others know about it and we need to bring it to those less fortunate than ourselves.
This is our goal with Fish Tank Therapy. We would love to share how your aquarium has helped you as a therapeutic resource. We can give you credit or if you would rather, you can be anonymous. We have medical research to back the aquarium therapy theory, but we would love to tell others REAL life stories.
Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you, you can leave your story in the comments or email us at


I am a retired US Army veteran. I was forced to retire medically in 2016. Since then my family and I have been adjusting. I often travel to the VA for appointments My wife has truly become my life line to the world and therapy and medication now seem to rule my life. I cannot do physically what I used to do and we live on a tight budget. Everything has to be calculated in to our budget and every now and then we fall short with unforeseen expenses like the car repairs that we had to get done a few months ago. It just feels like life uses us as a punching bag at times. I heard about this program through my wife since she knows about my passion for fishkeeping and so I started watching the youtube channel and learning more about aquarium plants. My favorite ao far is the water lettuce from what I have seen in the channel and thats due to the roots which look really cool. Well I applied for a fish tank and My wife and I belive that it can help. Even if we dont get selected I feel this program is already helping by providing all the education. On top of that I am very excited and looking forward to a response.


We thank you not only for your service sir but also, for applying for our program as well! We look forward to speaking with you!


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